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A.B. Barrientes

A.B. became a National Strength and Conditioning Certified Personal Trainer in 1999. In 2000, he received a degree in kinesiology with a specialization in exercise physiology from Texas A&M University. In 2011, he became a Certified Fascial Stretch Therapist through the Stretch to Win Institute. He is also holds a Level III certification in FST and has logged over 2,000 hours as a Fascial Stretch Therapist. A.B. has worked in some of Houston's premier fitness facilities. With his specialization in weight loss and toning, mature adult quality of life training/injury prevention, flexibility and pain reduction through FST, he is adept at helping his clients achieve their health, fitness and lifestyle goals. His fitness programs and sessions are designed to maximize efficiency during resistance training, high intensity aerobic bursts and dynamic functional exercises.


Bob Arriaga

Bob has over 46 years health experience.  His certifications include:  Personal Development/Performance Coach (CPC – IPEC), Certified Personal Fitness Trainer (NFPT), Certified Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner, (NLP). Our behaviors are pre-empted by some feeling/emotion.  Procrastination occurs from over-thinking rather than TAKING ACTION!  The first step to success is taking that “first step.”  Remember this, life is like a jigsaw puzzle.  Have you ever worked on a jigsaw puzzle?  Did you notice what the final outcome would look like before putting it together?  I partner with individuals to search for opportunities through crucial conversations developing strategies for rejuvenating hope and momentum in life and along the way finding energy and confidence towards that final outcome, (“putting the pieces together”).  The biggest plus happens when we become physically fit and have fun in the process!


Corey Ashe

My goal with my clients is three-fold: live a healthier lifestyle, a more active lifestyle, and feel better about yourself. I'm here to help you take those first steps toward not only reaching, but surpassing your goals. As a former Dynamo soccer professional, I have ten years of sports experience for those of you looking for sports conditioning and stronger athletic techniques. I'm fully-certified (NASM CPT, CES, EXOS Performance Specialist) and hold the following sports accolades:


Professional Athlete For Major League Soccer (2007-2016)

MLS Cup Champion (2007)

Two-Time MLS All Star (2011, 2013)

USA Gold Cup Champion (2013)


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Courtney West

Courtney is a Houston based personal trainer, fitness model and professional figure competitor who is extremely passionate about health and fitness. As a role model in the industry, she constantly encourages people to implement fitness as a way of life by creating and maintaining a positive mindset and by improvising workouts to keep them effective and interesting. As a personal trainer, she works with each client to focus on achieving long term results through innovative training techniques and proper nutrition. Her clients range from athletes, to models, to everyday people. With a clientele as diverse as her training methods, she emphasizes strength training that can be used in the gym and in everyday life. With over 8 years in the fitness industry, her personality and positive energy only add to the effectiveness of her training and to her clients' overall experience. Courtney is CICPT certified and an IFBB Figure Professional.


Gil Cuero

“As a certified personal trainer for the past seven years, I've had the pleasure of training clients ranging from professional athletes to toddlers. I specialize in weight loss and functional training, which helps me to assist my clients in building muscle mass, reducing body fat, and in improving flexibility and range of motion. My NASM certifications include Corrective Exercise Specialist, Nutritional Guidance, Nueromuscular Stretching, Cardiovascular Training, as well as others. I pride myself in everything that I put my efforts into and I enjoy helping others reach their full potential."


Jacob Rodriguez

Jacob has over a decade of experience in weight loss, sports performance and corrective exercises. He attended the University of Houston on a track and field scholarship and also fulfilled a 2 year internship under then-head strength and conditioning coach, Dale Jones. His training methods are effective as well as fun and rewarding for his clients. Passion drives us to become better and Jacob is very passionate with his training and enjoys seeing clients improve themselves week after week. He provides fun, learning experiences that allow his clients to see results and enjoy their workouts. Jacob feels with consistency, proper nutrition and tailored routines, your results are limitless!


Jason Crawford

Jason has been an athlete his entire life. He ran track in high school in New Mexico, where he still holds state records. He has been a personal trainer for 12 years and excels in sport specific training, particularly baseball, lacrosse and track. He trains athletes of all ages and skill levels, professionals and students. Jason understands the importance of nutrition, injury prevention and is great with kids. Jason’s background and experience have led to him using and developing innovative strategies to improve agility and speed. These techniques give his clients an edge and results they can see!


Jason Roberts

I am a certified Personal Trainer with NASM and have been in the gym industry for over a decade and training for more than 6 years. Always hungry for knowledge when it comes to the body and exercise science, I push myself to stay updated on all current research and fitness trends. I focus on equipping my clients with the knowledge, support, and guidance they need so they achieve their own full fitness potential and enhance the quality of their lives. I understand each client needs programs tailored specifically to their individual needs. I use an approach to health and fitness that encompasses strength, flexibility, movement, nutrition, and stress and lifestyle considerations. Through personal experience, focusing on these areas allow each individual to grow and reach their full potential.


Jorge Grimaldo

Jorge brings a host of experience from both River Oaks Fitness and Evolve. He works diligently with clients focusing on getting into shape or back into shape. His techniques for building muscle and losing fat will have you feeling and looking your best in no time!


Jose Moore

Jose has been in the personal training profession for over 20 years. He has been involved with fitness, health and coaching for over 30 years. He holds an Associate of Arts degree from Blinn College; a Bachelor of Science degree in physical education/kinesiology from Sam Houston State University; and a Master's Degree in physiology of exercise from the University of South Alabama. Jose holds the following certifications from the International Fitness Professionals Association: Personal Fitness Trainer, Advanced Personal Fitness Trainer, Bio-mechanics of Sport and Exercise Specialist, Flexibility Specialist, Senior Fitness Specialist, and Speed and Power Specialist. Jose is currently a personal trainer and manager at Quality Life Fitness. Call QLF today for an assessment!


Kathy Laucius

Kathy is a certified personal trainer with ACE & NASM. She was recently featured in the Huffington Post Link She has been training since 2006 with emphasis on individual weight training, implementation of cardio programs and nutritional guidance. She is also a former National Figure Competitor with the NPC. Kathy's philosophy is that you can't expect to take care of others unless you take care of yourself first. It's not selfish to be in charge of your health and fitness. Life is about choices and quality of life- make yourself the priority so others can enjoy you as well. Kathy has her own before/after story and wrote about it to help others.


Lorenzo Ortiz


A Professional Trainer since 2002, my workout sessions are fun, challenging and motivating. I use the tried and true 'old school' methods to my training, but also bring the latest scientific approaches to how our bodies function, move and operate. Blending in multiple genres and techniques to your training keeps you at the top of your game and I'll put together a plan that you'll find both challenging and very rewarding. I look forward to helping you reach your goals for a stronger, better, healthier you.


Nicholas Hassell

Nick is an Ortho-Kinetics Specialist Trainer/Therapist and licensed Massage Therapist. He is trained in Neuromuscular Activation and Release techniques as well as Pre-Surgical/Post Rehab. Nick can take you through corrective exercise and set up an advanced Bio-Mechanics and Exercise Program for you. Nick holds a Black Belt in Ninjutsu (Ninja Arts) and Krav Maga (Israeli Self Defense).


Patti Grammer Kirkham

Patti has been in the health and fitness industry for over 30 years. She has a B.A. in physical education, health education, coaching and athletic training from Gustavus Adolphus College. She holds a Masters in Education with specialization in physiology from U of H. Certifications include National Athletic Training Assoc, American College of Sports Medicine, Powerhouse Pilates, PFIT Upper and Lower Body Rehab Specialist, CPM Fascia-wise/Anatomy Training Specialist, Titleist Performance Institute Golf Fitness Instructor-1 and TPI Junior Instructor-2. Ninety-five percent of Patti's current clients are over 55. Many want to get stronger, lose weight and/or play pain free golf. Patti looks forward to meeting you at QLF, where the clean and friendly atmosphere provides the perfect environment for you to meet your health and fitness goals.


Paul Brehar


Paul graduated from ANEFS Academy of National Physical Education and Sport in Bucharest, Romania with degrees in Kinesiology, Exercise, and extensive knowledge in Massage, Stretching, Pressure-point Therapy, Post Traumatic Rehabilitation, and Weight Management Specialist. Paul is certified by the American Council on Exercise (ACE) as a full Personal Trainer. With over 15 years of experience, his techniques include weight training, weight-loss, body reshape, core strengthening, and cardio drills. He also teaches R.A.W. (Real Athletic Workout) in the studio on Saturday's from 11:00AM to 12:00PM! Paul's native tongue is Romanian, and he is fully proficient in English and Spanish.


Robert McNeil

Robert is one of Houston's 50 hottest fitness pros for 2017 Link. His qualifications and skills are some of the most elite in the greater Houston area. His training promotes education and precision training. In addition, Robert provides specific training, wellness lifestyle and nutrition to retain weight loss and sustain fitness goals. He works privately with every client to define individualized workout regimes, and nutritional advice to aid in weight loss and sustain a fitness level. He believes that any fitness goal is obtainable. Taking ownership of your health increases self-esteem, positive life changes and better overall wellness and health. As your fitness trainer/coach Robert’s objective is to be a supportive partner in your fitness needs. He will also educate you on the many facets of proper technique and give structured workout regimen to sustain a wellness lifestyle.



Rockett comes to QLF with 24 years of experience in the fitness industry. Rockett received his PFIT Certification from Baylor School of Medicine in 1993. He owned and operated TRK Fitness in Meyerland for 15 years. Personal training isn't his only focus. He also has a passion for coaching youth athletics. He has coached soccer, basketball, and track and field at Trafton Academy Middle School for the last 22 years earning many undefeated seasons. Rockett is best known for his gift of inspiring each client to believe in one's self and have faith in their abilities. He encourages not only his personal training clients but his youth athletes, that when you want something bad enough, let that drive push you to make it happen!


Tenisha Vaden

Tenisha specializes in muscle toning, weight loss, and cardio fitness. With more than a decade of experience, she holds PFIT and ISSA certifications.